Tuesday, August 21, 2018

balloon figures for smaller children

I am working on offerings for the smaller kids. Too often the smaller children drop their balloons and we have a crying child. This is because the balloons we typically build use balloons that are a bit too large for the hands of the smaller child. I am building figures using smaller balloons and they seem to be working. here are a set of figures using what are called "160" balloons.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Want to entertain people? Treat them like they are interesting! Turns out that they are!

I am not in the habit of daily posts. My web designer says that I should do so.

I do post when something really catches my attention AND I am on line.
In this case I wanted to mention a delightful encounter at South County Commons last night.
I do balloon twisting while the band is playing from 6 to 8 on Thursday evenings.
After the band ended and I was packing up a gentleman came up to me and told me how much he enjoyed what I was doing.
I thought he meant the balloon figures themselves. He did not.
He started to talk about how the audience interacted with me and vice versa.
He found it fascinating that children he had seen bouncing around the site would stand around me as I worked,
I told him that they paid attention because I spoke with them. Not TO them; WITH them.
I sometimes tell them a story about what I am building.
I sometimes tease a bit (if they seem to have a good sense of humor).
Last night I was asking the kids about what was the best book they had read this summer.
If they had one, I asked them why it was so good and they would tell me.
Low and behold, people like it when you listen to them.